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The Legion of France was born in 2023 by the impulse of General Ken commanding the Blue World Order (BWO) who wanted a French unit in his Blue team against the Red Legion. In 2022 and in Germany, having participated in the United Big Game (UBG) festival in Mahlwinkel, Mercenaire Paintball continued its alliance with the BWO for 2023 by naming and creating this unit.

In the spirit of an alliance and coalition, the Legion of France aims to bring together all players and paintball teams from France also from other European countries who would be ready to join the adventure and represent France at the UBGM, and possibly elsewhere in Europe for Big Games.

Today, part of the UBG family, the Légion de France grows with each appointment. Now, KEN is the organiser of the Skyfall festival of paintball.

Somy is the Colonel, Chief of this coalition.
Bobby and Ghost are Captains.

A Facebook group exists in the name of:
Groupe UBG France,  click here

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